Well it is time for me to quit complaining about how
fat I am and do something about it. I've been wan
ting to start the P90x program again, but haven't found the motivation until recently. My best friend Teresa invited me to join her group in doing the Great in Eight Week Challenge, where you follow all these rules and earn points for them, so I figured why not throw P90x into the mix as well.

I've done it before for a brief period of time wit
h my sister and I felt great. Granted it was only
two weeks, but I could already feel myself getting tighter, stronger, more flexible, and in better shape. I am hoping with the Great in Eight food challenge and doing P90x I'll be able to reach my goal image (I don't really care about numbers, I want to see how my pants fit!).

I started working out yesterday, but the challenge doesn't start until October 30th (it goes until December 24th, I know CRAZY!!) I wanted to start my exercise before the diet so I could be in the habit by the time the diet starts, that way it isn't so overwhelming. I've also decided to make a meal plan for the entire diet (All 8 weeks) so that I have a plan for what I'm eating and I don't snack, or eat something I shouldn't.
I talked with Jesse and I think he is actually going to be a motivator this time... (He usually tells me to cheat and eat candy, or not exercise one day, or something else to keep me from my goals and of course I am always up for some chocolate... ha ha ha)

So this time it should be different, I really want to fit into smaller jeans for Christmas, it would be the best present I ever got. I took before pictures, but there is no way I am

posting them until after I don't look like that anymore. But I am taking 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day photos and will post
them when I feel more confident... he he he. Until then, let your imagination run wild!!

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Teresa Farmer said...

So excited that you are joining me! You are going to look so awesome! And I am glad that Jesse is being supportive about it and what a great idea to make a meal plan. I think I will do that too. So smart! Love you!